The I-Skate program is currently on hiatus.  We hope it will return in future years if we can muster the support and interest.  The scores of children who benefitted from the program cherish their fond memories of fun on the ice with Dorothy Hamill and the Bennett crew.
Dorothy Hamill I-Skate

I-Skate was established in November 2009 with the generous help of Gold Medalist Dorothy Hamill.  I-Skate provides children with physical disabilities the unique opportunity to learn how to ice skate, not only improving their health and independence, but also providing important social interaction with their peers. Skaters use specially designed adaptive ice skates, walkers, ice sleds, and helmets. Individuals with a wide range of disabilities are eligible, including those with cerebral palsy, spina bifida, muscular dystrophy, limb differences, and paralysis.

Participant Age: 5–18 years

Season: December through March

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