Booster Club

Bennett Institute Booster Club

In August 2013, the Bennett Institute Booster Club was started by a group of parents who believed in the mission of Bennett and had seen the changes adaptive sports brought to their children and the community.

An excerpt from the founding announcement –

Over the last several months a group of parents, with the support of Gerry and Gwena, formed an exploratory committee to determine if it would be both beneficial and feasible to start a booster club to support the adaptive athletes and athletic programs at the Bennett Institute.  We are pleased to report that on July 7th, resolutions were adopted, bylaws were established and a Board of Directors was elected for the Bennett Institute Booster Club (BIBC).  As of August 23rd, BIBC was approved by the IRS as a 501 (c)(3) organization.  This all-volunteer organization has three simple goals:

  1. To promote the welfare and objectives of the Bennett Institute
  2. To operate in the best interest of the players and other participants of the Bennett Institute
  3. To volunteer time, seek grants, and raise funds to enrich the programs of the Bennett Institute

BIBC allows fundraising to go straight into the program to serve the athletes while maintaining tax-exempt status.

The website is used to maintain information about the Bennett Blazers programs and create an easy method to support fundraising through donations.

We would like to thank the founding members of the Bennett Institute Booster Club

Keith A. McMinn – President
Spencer Cavalier – Vice President
Edward X. Brennan – Treasurer
Kim Romanchuk – Secretary
David Elbert – Board Member