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In honor of Coach Gwena’s birthday, Blazer fans and those who love adaptive sports can have some fun.  Gwena is Co-Founder of Bennett, but sole creator of her signature, cupcake-in-the-face birthday celebration. If you want to get out of wearing a cupcake, or if you just want to help out Bennett athletes and programs, you can make a donation through PayPal.  Just click the button on the right.

All donations to the Booster Club are tax deductible and go 100% to buy equipment and support programs.  Thanks and Happy Birthday Gwena!


Kennedy Krieger’s Physically Challenged Sports Program is home to the Bennett Blazers. Bennett provides year round, weekly exercise and sports programs for children with predominately physical disabilities.  Bennett is located in Baltimore, but serves over a hundred children per year from Maryland, southern Pennsylvania and northern DC suburbs.  The program focuses on developing abilities in very young children (about 2 years old and up) as well as providing competitive sports on a Paralympic model for older athletes.

For many, competitive athletics for people with physical disabilities is a new idea, but the experience of countless families over nearly 30 years shows that Bennett programs provide a great, fun atmosphere to help youth develop physical skills, learn a range of sports activities, grow emotionally and build a broad social network.  Blazer athletes have gone on to collegiate and Paralympic success, but programs are tailored to the unique needs of each child and family.

Activities are held weekly at the Greenspring Campus of Kennedy Krieger Institute. Off-site programming includes participation in local, regional, national and international athletic competitions.  Special activity camps in golf, bicycling and sled hockey are held on campus or at local university/recreational facilities. Activities vary by season, but always include both beginner and advanced programs.

Bennett thanks our many individual sponsors as well as the generous assistance of several professional partners.  These include:

ABC Medical is a proud sponsor of adaptive sports and the Bennett Blazers. Please visit their website: ABC Medical donates funds to the Bennett Blazers when purchasing through this website. BIBC does not specifically endorse any product or service.

ABC Medical is a proud sponsor of adaptive sports and the Bennett Blazers. When Bennett athletes use ABC as an equipment supplier, ABC donates back to the Bennett Institute Booster Club.  While BIBC does not endorse a particular product or service by ABC Medical or other businesses, if you would like more information you may follow this link:

BIBC is excited to report that we received a generous grant from the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation that will be used to purchase new sports wheelchair and parts to repair some of our older chairs. Thank you for your generous support of the athletes of the Bennett Institute.

The Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation has provided generous support to Bennett Programs through their Quality of Life grants program.  QOL funds have been used to purchase new sports wheelchairs and repair more than a dozen old chairs.  Thanks for you support of the athletes of Bennett Institute.